Veolia, the leading ESG* company for meeting environmental challenges

Decarbonization, economy and regeneration of resources, and depollution: these are the three challenges we are addressing for our stakeholders.


“Veolia is the leading ESG company for meeting environmental challenges”


These solutions, to be effective, must then be adopted and produce measurable effects, creating a "before" and an "after": this implies that they are affordable, replicable, scalable, and desirable.



5 years


Veolia will be self-sufficient in energy in France

By 2050


Veolia will be carbon-neutral

14 MT


of avoided/reduced CO2 from our customers' trajectories in 2022 thanks to our activities



of our expenses* are reinvested in the territories
*(salaries, purchases, taxes)


For the first time in its history, Veolia has exceeded the one billion euro mark in current net income

In 2022, Veolia recorded its ninth consecutive year of growth (excluding Covid) with revenue of €43 billion, representing organic growth of 14%, and net income €1.16 billion, which equates to an increase of close to 30%.





1,16 Bn€


Is the 2022 net current income up by nearly 30%



Is the capital held by employees, the first shareholders of the Group

43 Bn€


This is the 2022 revenue with organic growth of 14%


Our status as the global champion of ecological transformation agenda requires our Group to exercise such great responsibility and firstly set the gold standard in offering an ecology of solutions.


But our responsibility as a leader in the ecology of solutions is not only about taking action for our company, but for others as well.




To achieve zero net emissions, energy self-sufficiency and respond to the climate emergency.

Economy & regeneration of resources

To reduce the strain on strategic supplies and implement more efficient and circular usage of resources.



To protect biodiversity and the health of populations and minimize the impact of human activity in the various environments (water, air, soil).




7 domains of expertise to address these 3 challenges


Access to Water and Sanitation


Solutions to address water-related problems that now affect every part of the world. 

Water Technologies, treatment infrastructure & networks


 Solutions in terms of technologies, treatment facilities and water networks.

Solid waste recycling and recovery


Veolia provides solid waste recycling and recovery solutions.

Local loops of energy


 Local energy loops are a solution for providing environmentally friendly energy autonomy. 

Energy services for buildings


Solutions to reduce the energy consumption of buildings while increasing the use of low-carbon energy sources.

On-site services to industrial clients


Solutions to preserve resources and accelerate the ecological transformation of industrial production sites.