Smart Solutions (HUBGRADE)

The new HUBGRADE Center located in Bucharest, Romania is dedicated to Energy Efficiency projects, such as on-site services and optimizing of electricity sales from Power Production Units operated by Veolia in Romania. It is part of our Digital Transformation journey, in Central and Eastern Europe Zone. 


Our HUBGRADE Center is based on EnEffCo solution from OKOTEK – a company owned by Veolia Germany. Through EnEffCo we monitor and process continuously the data from Power Production Units and electricity market. Based on forecasting models (using EnEfflex Module of Eneffco) we can optimize our bids for electricity sales on Day Ahead Market based on Best Financial Scenario, thus being able to improve our electricity sales up to 20% compared to the Base Scenario. This model could be offered to other Power Production Units as a service. 


On the other hand, from the HUBGRADE Center we are monitoring the activities in various operational sites where Veolia has operations, such as the International Airport Henri Coanda, from where we receive online data from all the water facilities within the site. We can control remotely the pumping stations, water wells, wastewater treatment plant and also, we see the maintenance plan and send work orders to the field teams in real time. 


Further on, we plan to use the HUBGRADE Center and concept for our business development in Energy Services Sector (both industrial and municipal sites) but also to boost our current operations by integration of Green Energy to current operations schemes. Such as example is the pilot project that we develop at Wastewater Treatment Plant Glina, where we will use Green Hydrogen (up to 25%) in combination with biogas / natural gas for the existing engines which produce heat and electricity for the Plant’s operation. Green Hydrogen will be obtained by electrolysis using electricity produced from solar panels. Thus, we will be able to reduce the carbon footprint and to increase the Plant energy self-sufficiency but also to potential sell of electricity.