Case studies

PepsiCo Factory in Dragomirești

Veolia România Soluții Integrate (VRSI) operates and maintains the water and sewerage system of the PepsiCo factory in Dragomirești. Services consist of drinking water supply, management of 1,008 m of wastewater and industrial water sewerage network, 1,826 m of rainwater network, as well as monitoring the quality of wastewater.


The factory in Dragomirești is PepsiCo's largest factory in South-East Europe.

Lidl Chiajna Logistics Center

Veolia România Soluții Integrate (VRSI) manages a wastewater treatment station for the sewerage system of the Lidl Chiajna Logistics Centre. Some 742 m of sewage network and 1,588 m of rainwater network are currently under administration. Moreover, the company constantly monitors the quality of the wastewater.


Lidl Discount is a subsidiary of the German chain Lidl Stiftung & Co KG and owns over 100 stores in Romania.

Henri Coandă International Airport

Veolia România Soluții Integrate (VRSI) is the only private operator in Romania authorised by the Romanian Civil Aeronautics Authority to operate water supply and sewerage systems for an airport platform.


VRSI took over the operation and maintenance of the water supply and sewerage installations for Henri Coandă International Airport in 2008, where it provides services such as water resource management, operational measures for tackling system failure and breakdown, purchasing and managing systems and the equipment necessary for the operation of the water and sewerage networks. The company manages 53,460 m of water distribution network and the extraction of 960,000 m 3 of water/year.


Henri Coandă International Airport is the largest airport in Romania, with a passenger volume of more than 21 million people.



Veolia România Soluții Integrate (VRSI) manages the water and sewerage system of the CTPARK BUCHAREST industrial park in Dragomirești, Ilfov County, with responsibility for the supply of drinking water, the operation of the wastewater treatment station and the management of 10,458 m of water distribution network.


Covering 90 ha, CTPARK BUCHAREST Industrial Park is one of the largest logistics parks on the market.


AFI Palace Cotroceni Shopping Centre / Băneasa Mall Shopping Centre

Since 2014, VRSI has maintained the sewerage system, monitored wastewater quality and provided specific environmental consultancy to the AFI Palace Cotroceni and Băneasa Mall Shopping Centres.