Municipal services

Energy services

Veolia is one of the largest private producers and suppliers of energy services in Romania. The group's energy division has been active on the Romanian energy services market since 1992, in charge of the production, transmission, distribution and supply of district heating in Ploiesti and Otopeni.

Through the delivery of district heating and energy efficiency services, Veolia constantly contributes to the improvement of inhabitants’ wellbeing.

Veolia works with municipalities to provide easy solutions that allow its clients to control energy costs.


District heating networks: sustainable solutions

Veolia implements projects to optimise the production capacities of district heating networks, in order to deliver sustainable solutions with multiple benefits, such as ongoing monitoring of energy expenses, reduction of air pollution, and so on. Veolia meets the most demanding requirements of its clients in countries with cold or temperate climates, including Romania.


Sports, cultural and leisure facilities

Veolia provides high-quality services (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), with a focus on convenience, safety and efficiency, for buildings used by the general public, such as cultural, sports and leisure centres, as well as university departments.

Veolia – a trustworthy partner for municipalities

Veolia is a long-standing and trustworthy partner to local public government authorities, offering diverse and cost-effective services, from the supply of heating, electricity and other energy products, to upgrades of the energy installations in order to ensure their compliance with the applicable legal requirements, or full management of energy installations, including energy production and supply.