Apa Nova Ploiești

Drinking water supply and sewage services


Since 2000, based on a 25-year concession agreement, Apa Nova Ploiești has been responsible for the extraction, treatment and distribution of drinking water, as well as the collection of wastewater for over 200,000 residents of the Municipality of Ploiești.


Apa Nova Ploiești manages 40 water wells, 397 km of water network, 341 km of sewerage network, and has a Call Centre that is available to customers 24/7.


The company is constantly evolving and offers the community of Ploiești efficient solutions. The water network yield has increased from 48.3% (in 2002) to 78.8% (in 2020). Furthermore, 163 km of new network has been commissioned since 2000.


Since the beginning of the concession agreement, Apa Nova Ploiești has invested approximately €48 million in the water supply and sewerage system. As a result, the Municipality of Ploiești now enjoys an automated system functioning at European standards, and some of the lowest tariffs for water and sewerage in Romania. Thanks to constant network upgrades, water losses have decreased seven-fold over recent years. Public safety has always been at the heart of everything the company does. Every year, Apa Nova Ploiești performs over 10,000 physical, chemical and bacteriological tests to ensure water purity.