Apa Nova București

Drinking water supply and sewage services


In 2000, Apa Nova București took over the management of water resources, water treatment and distribution to consumers, discharge of wastewater and rainfall water in the Municipality of Bucharest. This is a unique contract in Romania, subject to monitoring through a transparent mechanism which ensures the fulfilment of 23 technical and commercial key performance indicators every year.


The water supply and sewerage system of the Municipality of Bucharest now meets the highest European standards. This required sustained efforts and self-funded investments of more than €545 million over the past 20 years, which established Apa Nova București as the leading utility operator in Romania.


In fact, the re-engineering project begun in 2015 earned Apa Nova its place among the business elite, when it was selected as an example of best practice in organisational transformation. The company won first prize in the Best Business Transformation Project category worldwide, at the international competition OPEX Week – Business Transformation World Summit, 2019, the most prestigious international event in the field.


The company's investments, performance and reliability in its partnership with the Municipality of Bucharest resulted in the Concession Agreement being extended until 2037, which means no less than €368 million earmarked for future investment in the capital's water and sewerage infrastructure, with direct benefits for sustainable urban development and the people of Bucharest.