Municipal services

Veolia, through its entities, provides public water supply and sewage services in Bucharest, Ploiești, Otopeni, Chitila and Popești Leordeni. With 21 years of local experience in water supply, the company is a trustworthy and long-lasting partner for the five communities where it operates and where it delivers drinking water to over 2,01 million people.

Veolia provides its clients with top-class management solutions for the delivered services, operating transparency and safety in the management of health and environmental risks. It also provides municipal partners with know-how and state-of-the-art technologies, with a focus on environmental protection and mitigation, as well as on efficient resource management.

The company permanently seeks to improve the services offered to its clients, as well as to reduce water losses and operating costs.

With major investments of approx. EUR 646 million in the modernization of the water supply and sewerage systems over the past 21 years of local activity, Veolia serves as one of the sustainability pillars of the communities where it operates.