Power Management


Veolia’s expertise in providing operation, maintenance, design and engineering services enables its industrial customers to make energy savings, better control their consumption, and produce, distribute and use energy more efficiently. 


Veolia’s goals when operating commercial buildings address its customers’ needs as follows:  

  • To reduce the costs of the energy supplied; 
  • To ensure an uninterrupted and quality energy supply; 
  • To provide comfort and a healthy environment for inhabitants or users. 


This range of services was drawn up based on the best practices applied to a wide portfolio of industrial building and facilities that Veolia manages worldwide. We provide such actions as operational and maintenance optimisation, implementation of energy conservation measures, educating end consumers and real-time monitoring, each of which involves a certain level of engagement. 


The references for Veolia România Soluții Integrate for Energy Efficiency and Performance services are: 

  • The French Embassy in Bucharest; 
  • The French High School in Bucharest; 
  • Sala Palatului (Palace Hall) Bucharest; 
  • Polyethnic University of Bucharest. 


Veolia is a trusted partner whose industrial customers benefit from the experience and professionalism of its employees. The company offers support from the design to the implementation of solutions, meeting the needs and expectations of its customers. 


Through its services, VEOLIA ROMÂNIA SOLUȚII INTEGRATE provides: 

  • In-depth background analysis, conducted by engineers and technical experts, trained in environmental technology;  
  • Specialised teams; 
  • Cross-disciplinary services to ensure expertise in professional areas; 
  • A wide operational network, with experts available in the vicinity of the operation.