Veolia România Soluții Integrate (VRSI)

Drinking water supply and sewerage services


VEOLIA ROMÂNIA SOLUȚII INTEGRATE has extensive expertise in the provision of water and sewerage services, as well as heating supply services for shopping centers, research institutions and municipalities. The operator is a reliable partner to the communities where it operates. It provides solutions, state-of-the-art technologies and wide-ranging expertise, meeting the needs of today’s consumers, in line with environmental protection requirements.  


In 2007, VEOLIA ROMÂNIA SOLUȚII INTEGRATE S.A. signed the Agreement for the concession of the management of public water supply and sewerage services for Otopeni, Ilfov County. The contract was signed for 25 years, covering the provision of water and sewerage services to more than 16,100 inhabitants.  


In Otopeni, the company manages 57 km of water network, 58 km of sewerage network, and has a Call Center available to its clients 24/7. 


VEOLIA ROMÂNIA SOLUȚII INTEGRATE S.A. has measures in place to prevent and/or mitigate certain events that may affect the surrounding sites, such as: 


  • Properly operating the water network, 24/7, for all users; 
  • Constantly monitoring the quality of tap water and wastewater/rainwater, as well as implementing an IT system for the remote transmission of the operating parameters to the water management stations, wastewater pumping stations and treatment station;  
  • Establishing a program to prevent and mitigate accidental pollution; 
  • Providing ongoing training for all VEOLIA ROMÂNIA SOLUȚII INTEGRATE employees in the prevention and mitigation of accidental pollution;  
  • Supplying the necessary materials in the event of accidental pollution;  
  • Continuously collaborating with the relevant authorities (A.N.A.R., S.G.A. Ilfov-București, D.S.P. Ilfov, A.P.M. Ilfov, I.S.U., Otopeni Local Council, etc.). 


VEOLIA ROMÂNIA SOLUȚII INTEGRATE has been active in Chitila since 2016, under a water and sewerage management concession agreement signed for 10 years. The company manages a wastewater treatment station (Rudeni), 62 km of water network, 52 km of sewerage network and has a Call Centre that is available 24/7 for approximately 13,760 residents.  


Since 2019, VEOLIA ROMÂNIA SOLUȚII INTEGRATE has also been present in Popești-Leordeni, following the takeover of a 49-year concession agreement in 1999. The company manages 61 km of water network, 53 km of sewerage network and has a Call Centre available 24/7. The company provides water services for 36,500 residents and sewerage services for approximately 43,000 residents. 


According to its obligations established through the water supply and sewerage service agreements concluded with the network users in Otopeni, Chitila and Popești-Leordeni (Ilfov County), VRSI aims to ensure the necessary conditions for the delivery of water supply and sewerage services, i.e.:  


  • continuity of high quality and sufficient provision;  
  • sanitation and public health;  
  • adaptability to consumers’ requirements;  
  • accessibility for consumers;  
  • equal access to public services, subject to contractual terms;  
  • environmental protection and preservation;  
  • cost-effective and quality service management, by:  
    • reducing commercial losses, by identifying clandestine users and ensuring meter operation;  
    • optimising the ratio between withdrawn, distributed and billed water volumes;  
    • observing the preventive maintenance schedule for the water and sewerage networks;  
    • promptly carrying out necessary intervention works on the water and sewerage networks.  


As a result of the management’s unstinting focus on health and safety, the company has obtained the ISO 45001:2018 certification. 


The implementation of the new “Veolia One” IT system allows clients to register in the database from first contact – approval request – up to the conclusion of the services contract. Registration and claim resolution functionalities have helped improve the efficiency and volume of customer relations.  


The metering rate is 100% in all municipalities where VRSI is the operator of the water supply and sewerage network, i.e. Otopeni, Chitila and Popești-Leordeni in Ilfov County.