World Environment Day: Veolia Launches "#Team66" Initiative and Calls for Concrete Action!

On the occasion of World Environment Day celebrated on June 5th, Veolia calls to join the 66% of the world's population who prefer environmental action over inaction, by taking part in the "#Team66" initiative.



As part of World Environment Day on June 5, 2024, Veolia reiterates its commitment to building a sustainable and desirable future with the launch of the "#Team66" initiative. In a world marked by paradoxes, the second edition of the Ecological Transformation Barometer conducted by Veolia in partnership with Elabe, recently unveiled, tells us that 66% of the world's population prefers environmental action over inaction.

By joining '#Team66', everyone can act at their level for a greener and more circular economy. Let's celebrate this World Environment Day by resolutely committing ourselves to the path of ecological transformation!

Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO Veolia

A Global Awareness

The results of the 2nd edition of the Ecological Transformation Barometer conducted by Veolia in partnership with the research and consulting firm Elabe are unequivocal: 97% of the planet's inhabitants consider health to be the top priority in local decisions on water, waste, and energy, even before the final price. A large majority (64%) feels vulnerable to health risks caused by climate disruption.

Discover the results and download the research of the Barometer 2024

Team 66: The Call for Action Intensifies

Faced with this growing concern, 66% of respondents worldwide are convinced that inaction will cost more than action to combat climate change. They say they are ready to change their habits (65%) and to assume a slightly higher cost for ecological solutions that protect their health, a real concern that emerges from the results of this second Ecological Transformation Barometer. Through its new 2024-2027 GreenUp strategic program, Veolia is fully committed to these goals of greening for the benefit of the planet and its populations. Solutions for decarbonization, depollution, and resource regeneration help improve the quality of life and health for all.

„We are convinced that ecological transformation is no longer an option, but an urgent necessity to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and future generations", says Estelle Brachlianoff, Chief Executive Officer of Veolia. "With the support of 'Team 66', we are accelerating our efforts to provide concrete solutions to environmental challenges.”

Veolia, an Actor in Ecological Transformation

Through the "#Team66" initiative, stemming from the 66% of respondents convinced that action must be taken, Veolia calls on all its employees to commit to ecological transformation through concrete actions in their daily lives... and to share this commitment with their respective networks, because every gesture counts! An original way to show one's personal and professional commitment.

Estelle Brachlianoff, Chief Executive Officer of Veolia, states: "The results of the second Ecological Transformation Barometer confirm the strong expectation of citizens for accessible and fair ecological solutions, protecting their health and their territories. This is an absolute priority that will guide our actions."