Veolia România Soluții Integrate takes over the operation of the public drinking water supply and sewage service in Chiajna commune, Ilfov county

Veolia România Soluții Integrate (VRSI), a Veolia Romania company and a provider of operation, maintenance and management services for water, sewerage and heating systems, announces the acquisition of ROCO INSTAL COMUNAL SERV, a local operator in Chiajna commune, Ilfov county, and the takeover of the contract for the delegation of the public drinking water supply and sewage service in the locality for the next 19 years


Benefiting from Veolia Group's innovative expertise in the management of water resources, VRSI will bring added value to the local community by offering solutions and state-of-the-art technologies that meet the current needs of Chiajna, providing, as of 06.09.2022, drinking water transport and distribution services, domestic wastewater and rainwater collection, transport and disposal services, repair of water supply and sewage system breakdowns/malfunctions, meter park maintenance, connections and tie-ins execution, as well as issuing permits. 


"Through this partnership, we are committed to the inhabitants of Chiajna to guarantee the quality parameters of the supplied drinking water, to ensure availability, flexibility and constant concern for improving services, fairness and total transparency in the process of metering and billing water services and volumes and, of course, to respect all our contractual and legal obligations. We assure them of our full support in a responsible and professional way, offering vital services of high quality, in conditions of maximum safety", said Mădălin Mihailovici, CEO Veolia România. 


The takeover involves the management of the water network, which is in the process of being rehabilitated and extended to approximately 54 kilometers and which currently supplies 249 buildings, as well as the wastewater and rainwater treatment system, which is approximately 45 kilometers long and currently serves over 4,000 customers.  


The company estimates that by the end of 2025, at least 90% of the inhabitants of Chiajna will benefit from drinking water supply and sewage services, as currently the connection rate to the centralized water supply system is 4% and 60% to the sewage system.


Veolia Romania Soluții Integrate (VRSI) is a member of the Veolia Group and provides operation, maintenance and management services for water and sewage systems, equipment and installations for shopping centers, research institutions and the Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest. VRSI is also the operator of the public water supply service in the city of Otopeni, since 2007, for a period of 25 years, for the city of Chitila, since 2016, for a contractual period of 10 years, and for the city of Popesti-Leordeni since 2019, for a period of 29 years.