"Romania Unfolds", the first Romanian documentary mini-series on local sustainability.

Bucharest, 29 September 2023: The "Romania Unfolds" platform revolves around a mini-series of 6 video documentaries which uncover impactful stories of communities that have solved specific, local challenges by using accessible sustainable solutions.

With each episode, the series also captures local progress through in-depth research, quality journalism, and authentic images that depict a new face of Romania. These empowering stories prove that local communities are a driving force when sustainable solutions and high-impact actions are put to good use.

The central theme in episode one is sustainable cities and communities, while the following five episodes in production focus on other subjects in-line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as: reducing social inequalities, responsible production and consumption, innovation in industry and infrastructure, and clean water. In fact, according to the Voluntary National Report on the SDGs in 2023, Romania has achieved more than 62% of its 2030 targets. However, the Global Report on Sustainable Development shows that Romania has marks where it is going backward, such as climate action, but also targets where it is stagnating, such as quality education, clean and affordable energy, responsible production and consumption, or land-based life.

The series’ first episode consists of two case studies: we first meet the residents of Targu Lăpuș, the first town in Romania to have reached a 60% recycling rate, surpassing not only the national - municipal - waste - recycling rate of 13%, but also the European average of 49%. Next, the first cooperative community in Romania to provide energy from 100% renewable sources, a proper legacy for future generations.

In addition to the mini-series, the "Romania Unfolds" platform also provides access to original editorial content, acting as a hub for information on impactful sustainable initiatives, projects, or practices implemented throughout Romania.

The "Romania Unfolds" project is supported by Veolia, a world leader in providing essential services and a champion of ecological transformation. "Through this initiative, Veolia stands by its commitment to become a Champion of Ecological Transformation, by providing access to information on sustainability and also uncovering sustainable solutions capable of mediating the impact of today's challenges. In this way, we contribute to increase the educational value within the communities in which we operate. Romania Unfolds uncovers solutions for actions that have a decisive positive impact on the environment, but also a bridge future links between communities, academia, industry, and the authorities", said Mădălin Mihailovici, CEO of Veolia Romania

So far, "Romania Unfolds" has brought together 30 experts in: sustainability, video production, and communication, who share the same passion for creating a better future for Romania. Over 100 hours of video footage recorded in over 28 days, 3,500 kilometres travelled to research and film the first episodes. 71 people interviewed to gain authentic perspectives for the project, resulting in a comprehensive mini-documentary series which features 143 people, each contributing to the richness and depth of the story. The following 5 episodes will shed light on different sustainability issues in Romania, empowering and educating society.