Veolia in Romania

Veolia is the world leader in the provision of water, energy and sanitation services.
In Romania Veolia provides drinking water supply, sewerage and energy services. 
In 2013 Veolia had over 3,400 collaborators in Romania and achieved a turnover of about EUR 310 million.


Veolia's main line of business includes the management of water resources, water treatment and supply to consumers, the discharge and treatment of wastewater and storm water.
Veolia has been activating in Romania since 1992.
3 municipalities in Romania have entrusted Veolia with operating their water management infrastructures based on its experience and know-how.
Veolia operates the water, sewerage and treatment infrastructures of four industrial partners.


Veolia is the largest private producer and provider of energy services in Romania.  
The Energy Division of the Veolia Group has been on the market of energy services in Romania since 1992, its operations including heat production, distribution and supply for heating systems in Ploieşti, Iași and Otopeni, and  energy management agreements for buildings and industrial operators


- Water - key figures in 2013
- Over 2.2 million people served

- Over 161,000 customers

- 3 municipal partners

- Over 2,450 employees

- Turnover: EUR 218 million

- Total investments: over EUR 48 million

- Over 21.5 million m³ of drinking water produced


- Energy - key figures for  2013
- 90,000 apartments supplied with heat and hot water

- Over 300,000 inhabitants served

- 3 municipal partners

- 937 employees

- Turnover: EUR 92 million

- 1,000 GWh of electricity produced in cogeneration

- 500 TWh of heat produced in cogeneration

- 9,000 ktons of saved CO2