Energy Management

Large industrial customers, regardless of their field of business, may it be the pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical or the refining industries, focus primarily on their core business.

Our experience in providing operation, maintenance, design, and engineering services allows our industrial customers to save energy and better control the consumption, by using efficient energy production, supply and utilization means.
A particular category, that of owners of offices or commercial buildings, faces challenges related to cost optimization and the consolidation of their corporate image as perceived by customers via:

  • A thorough energy cost control;
  • The optimization and management of administrative costs;
  • A reduction of the environmental impact;
  • Communicating to tenants/occupants aspects regarding the energy efficiency of the building (energy cost cutting and CO2 emission reduction).

Our objectives related to operating commercial buildings that answer our customers’ needs comprise:

  1. Reducing the energy costs incurred by customers;
  2. Ensuring the continuity and quality of the energy supply;
  3. Providing a comfortable and healthy environment for the occupants. 

This range of services has been designed using the best practices set in place for a broad portfolio of buildings and industrial facilities we manage worldwide. Actions such as streamlining the operation and maintenance, implementing energy preservation measures, educating the end consumers or live monitoring have been included in these offers of services and each offer has a certain level of commitment.
The Veolia Energy Romania referrals regarding the Energy Efficiency and Performance Services are:

  • The French Embassy in Bucharest;
  • The French High School of Bucharest;
  • The BVO Office Building in Barbu Văcarescu St., Bucharest;
  • The Palace Hall (“Sala Palatului”) of Bucharest;

The Politehnica University of Bucharest