Beside the treatment of all types of waste Veolia provides complete maintenance of public areas in towns and municipalities. After 2000 the company spread its activities in the areas of maintenance of green spaces, summer and winter road maintenance, road repairs and public lighting maintenance.

Municipal waste collection and transport

Collection, transport and disposal of mixed municipal waste are the main services which are provided by the operation centres and subsidairy companies of Marius Pedersen a.s. in the whole of the Czech Republic. It is the most common service as mixed municipal waste accounts for the largest proportion of all waste produced by citizens, despite advanced recycling technologies.

Kerbside collection and transport of hazardous and voluminous municipal waste

For over 20 years, Veolia has been providing kerbside collection and transport of various wastes for citizens of towns and municipalities. The service includes the collection of large volume (bulky) waste, hazardous waste, e-waste, tyres, green waste from citizens.

Biowaste collection and transport

A new and positive trend in waste separation is the collection of biowaste from citizens. Veolia supports this trend and continuously increases the number of waste containers and recycling centres.
Veolia treats collected biowaste in its composting plants using its own technologies or the capacities of its contractual partners. Veolia proposes an optimal economical combination of transport of municipal waste or biowaste to towns and municipalities.

E-waste collection and transport

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is recycled more and more and due to present legislation the amount of unusable e-waste is decreasing.
E-waste includes: non-ferrous and precious metals, alloys, glass, ceramics, organic polymers with toxic content, other substances like stabilizers, fillers and pigments. 
According to European legislation producers are obliged to ensure the collection of individual types of e-waste from customers.