Waste Management

Urban cleaning services play an important role in maintaining the attractiveness of cities. Urban areas that depend on tourism are particularly vested in maintaining clean streets and public spaces, and have come to see urban cleaning as a key factor in promoting their image.

Urban cleaning services provided by Veolia

Cleanliness, performance and civic-mindedness

Veolia’s urban cleaning services are based on performance commitments.
These services, which can be provided 24/7, combine collection solutions using clean vehicles, cleaning services using latest-generation low-water and low-energy equipment, and on-demand collection services to combat waste dumping in public spaces.
Residents can use mobile apps to let the urban cleaning service know where waste has been dumped, in order to ensure a rapid response.
Awareness and communication programs are also available for cities to help raise community awareness about respecting their urban living environment.

Maintenance of public spaces

Urban cleaning