Commercial activities

Access to drinking water and energy is not as easily obtained all over the world.
The mission of the Veolia Group is to ensure the availability of basic services.
Wherever represented, Veolia contributes to improving the living conditions and the economic development of the region.

Water management

Veolia provides drinking water production and supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment services to cities, industrial partners and end consumers.
Veolia guarantees the quality of the services rendered to its customers and is available at all times to give information with complete transparency about these services.

Energy management

Veolia provides services covering its customers’ energy needs, mainly in the heat and electricity production and supply domain.
The Group is constantly extending its range of services. Such examples might be the cooling production and supply, the efficient production and supply of compressed air for industrial customers or the energy services based on the safety of energy supply service continuity.

PUBLIC INFORMATION concerning safety exploitation measures and potential effect of major incidents

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