Internal Social Responsibility in the Economic Area

We employ water and energy experts, bring our know-how, and strive for maximum efficiency and professionalism in operating water treatment and energy equipment.

Technology and innovation
Working in an entirely environmentally-related field, Veolia experts require knowing numerous scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, metrology, energy management, cogeneration or information systems.

IDEO is Veolia's global project promoting innovation. Employees are invited to propose ways of innovating any activities or work practices within their Company. Since 2009 IDEO has become a program which has generated many solutions that improve work processes and increase work efficiency. It continues to be a program that brings innovation and progress through the constant involvement of Veolia's employees.




The code of ethics


Download Ethics Guide (802.16 KB)


The Ethics, Commitment and Responsibility program, designed at the headquarters of the parent company Veolia in France, is common to all activities and countries in which the Group operates. The document is based on complying with the national standards and the recommendations of international organizations, particularly those regarding the respect of cultural differences and local environmental needs.





Employee education and awareness

Veolia's employees benefit from special services and conditions such as access to medical services of occupational and general medicine, access to dentistry services, access to relaxation and recovery programs, etc. 

Social dialogue and trade-union cooperation are essential for a transparent communication with the employees.
Veolia focuses on skill development and training of employees, these being a Group priority. The particular attention paid on employees represents an integral part of the corporate culture and an important distinguishing factor on the labor market, as Veolia is recognized as an employer brand.
In 2013 the training activity sought to harmonize the training programs with the employees’ actual development needs relative to the corporate objectives, in high quality and cost-effective terms.

Occupational health and safety
Occupational safety remained an important training domain in 2013, and first aid, confined spaces and working at height trainings were pursued. 

Work safety stands alongside ongoing employee training as another strategic area established internationally for the entire Veolia Group.
The basic occupational health and safety rules provided for by the Labor Code and the ISO standards are also included in the Prevention and Protection Plan. Apart from the technical training, the staff is also trained in providing first aid.
Every year Veolia organizes an event called “Occupational Health and Safety Week”. During the event, Veolia raises awareness among its collaborators concerning the risks to which they are exposed, and they are reminded of the means to avoid them (compliance with occupational health and safety rules, wearing appropriate work equipment, approaching daily road risks encountered in their professional and personal life, etc.).
Moreover, each year Veolia collaborators attend Best Practice Workshops, as well as other workshops and simulations. This event also represents an opportunity for all of the employees to openly discuss this topic.



Customer relations
We provide services to a variety of different customers: municipal, industrial and household customers and consumers. As a customer-oriented company, we strive to guarantee the quality of our service and the customers’ satisfaction.

Our business relationships with customers are based on adaptability and long-term partnership strategies. We strive to be a steady, reliable and trustworthy partner that listens to the needs and requirements of our customers, and turns their expectations into reality.
All companies in the Veolia Group in Romania, the Water Division, have implemented Integrated Management Systems which are ISO 9001, ISO 14 001 and ISO 18 001 certified.
All companies in Veolia Group in Romania, Energy Division, are ISO 9001 certified, and have set in place management and control systems designed to maximize efficiency in the operation of the facilities entrusted to them.