1. “Samusocial in Romania is the only nongovernmental organization in Bucharest that offers help to the 5,000 or so homeless adults from the capital city. Samusocial was established in Romania in 2004 as a Romanian NGO under the auspices of Samusocial International. The association provides social, medical and psychological services to underprivileged groups (homeless adults, families with children living in inadequate conditions, individuals with disabilities, helpless elderly people and individuals at risk of becoming homeless, de-institutionalized young people).
Each year the Samusocial association in Romania provides social and medical services to an average of 1,500 different people.
The Medical-Psychological-Social Center was established in 2004 with the help of Veolia, which provided the Samusocial association in Romania with the building located in 82 bis Grozăveşti Road. The new Vocational Workshop was also built with the aid of Veolia.
In 2005 Samusocial in Romania together with Veolia managed to open the hygiene area within the Medical-Psychological-Social Center with five hot water showers, available to homeless adults.
The history of Samusocial is closely related to Veolia, a reliable champion of our association which year after year has assisted us in the most important projects of Samusocial in Romania”. Samusocial Association in Romania


2.Veolia has proved to be one of the most important strategic partners of Infomediu Europa. Today we are still involved in a large scale project, implemented in schools in more than ten counties in Romania. The readiness, proactive spirit and involvement in environmental education are just a few features defining the Veolia style”. Stere Creţu, the Manager at Infomediu Europa


3. “We have grown alongside Veolia. Why is that? Because until Veolia came and settled in our city, we had been focused primarily on the French language, French culture and French civilization without understanding that this civilization actually means much more, namely that it prepares people, young people to become citizens of the planet and citizens of our time.
And thus we have coordinated our activities and have already been working together for quite an impressive number of years as Veolia is, from our point of view, the strongest, most responsible and most reliable company to support such activities as it manages the water in the city of Ploieşti. Obviously, water is the vital center of every citizen in our city, of young people and they grow around us through our joint activities, learning to respect and cherish the water as the source of life”. Steluţa Coculescu, the Director of the French Alliance in Ploieşti


4.Veolia is my most important partner for environmental projects. Together we have managed to build the Ecofrecvența interviews and notes with Naţional FM, the longest-lived and most respected radio show dedicated to the environment in Romania, a show that over a 5-year span has managed to make the citizens of this country more responsible and to bring them closer to the environment. The representatives of the civil society, outstanding personalities of the public daily life, but also the voices of the local and central authorities always find support at Ecofrecvenţa, in particular when seeking help in debating or solving issues related to how where and how we want to live in the future. In order to have a European-standard Bucharest we need a healthy environment and also high quality educational and cultural projects, in which we have to invest without cutting corners. I have always felt that Veolia truly wishes to give a helping hand, not only at declarative level, but through concrete actions, for the healthy and sustainable development of future generations.
Congratulations to the Veolia team for their dedication to all the people of Bucharest and not only them!” Zoli TOTH, musician and the producer of Ecofrecvenţa


5.For five years Radio France Internationale Romania has had an important partnership with Veolia. With Veolia’s help we have been able to create a series of shows and events that have enriched our radio programs. For example, Park(ing) Day is an initiative achieved with the help of Veolia. A worldwide project, achieved in Bucharest by RFI Romania, Park(ing) Day has meant the transformation of certain urban spaces into parks for one day. Thousands of people have been able to sit down on the grass in the park appearing in the middle of the city, and our listeners have enjoyed a whole day of special programs. We have also cooperated with Veolia on the occasion of the World Water Day, when the listeners of RFI Romania participated in a session of still water tasting.
Veolia has also assisted RFI Romania with other shows and projects, such as the Green Planet, a show dedicated to highly topical environmental issues, broadcast every Monday at 1:30 p.m. Veolia is a strong partner for RFI Romania, and we firmly believe that we will continue to have a positive cooperation in 2015 as in the fall of this year in Paris one of the largest conferences dedicated to worldwide climate change will take place”. Cornel ION, Radio France Internationale


6. “The key element that has strengthened the relationship between the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration (ARBDD) and Veolia has been understanding the need for cooperation and mutual support in educating and raising the public’s awareness in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment. And the Danube Delta, one of the largest deltas of the European continent, and also the best preserved wetland in Europe, is the ideal place for the development of joint actions dedicated to nature protection. 
Some of the most visible actions organized in partnership include those dedicated to fostering love for nature, such as the promotion of “A Chance for the Blue Danube” International Poster Contest, and the “I Have a Gift for the Danube Delta” educational program. Understanding that nature relies on each of us, Veolia has reconfirmed its commitment to preserving the biodiversity through the symbolic adoption of a pair of pelicans, the restocking of the Danube River with sturgeon fingerlings, the support for the efforts to protect the habitats of endangered species in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (by repairing and strengthening the nesting platforms of the Dalmatian pelicans, achieving and placing banners). Together we have developed the “Let’s Keep the Danube Delta Clean” public awareness campaign for the large scale information on the dangers posed by waste to the natural environment of the Danube Delta and the health of its inhabitants. The delta-related issues were constantly under the spotlight both within the annual events organized by Veolia and within the “Danube Environmental Forum”, an international event initiated by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration which served as a discussion platform for all the parties interested in building solid partnerships and finding sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges.
Thanks to its support over these 7 years of cooperation, Veolia has proved to be a reliable partner that has contributed to turning into reality the vision of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration of building a better future for the specific biodiversity of the Reserve and for the inhabitants of the delta. Congratulations to the Veolia team for the beautiful actions dedicated to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and the positive example that must be followed by others”. Lucian Eduard SIMION, the Governor of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration


7. “I coordinate a unique museum in Romania about a unique zone in the world, the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. We often turn to private entities for the funding of educational or exhibition projects. In 2009 we had the unexpected surprise to see how an economic operator not from Tulcea was open to our projects and environmental protection and the love for nature were the common value that joined our actions. And I believe that there is nothing more delightful than making things happen for the sake of the others!
We could not have promoted this exceptional museum patrimony through exhibitions, theme-focused lessons and publications had we not been given modern exhibition furniture and the related technical installations, purchased by Veolia. Our visitors would not have been able to find out about the specific diversity of the seas of the word had Veolia not enriched our aquarium collection with spectacular species. And it was again Veolia that made it possible to organize at Tulcea some exceptional musical events, providing us with an upright piano and furniture.
Today, after almost seven years of collaborating and building a beautiful friendship we say thank you and once again thank you to the enthusiastic and dedicated Veolia team for being there and for being by our side in our actions dedicated to the community of Tulcea.
If I were to choose a slogan to define our partnership with Veolia, the most appropriate choice would be: TOGETHER FOR A HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT!Cristina DINU, the Head of the Danube Delta Ecotourism Museum Center, the Gavrilă Simion Institute of Ecology and Museum Research of Tulcea


8. “Built in 1683, the Doamnei Church is one of the Romanian medieval landmarks dating back to the time of Șerban Cantacuzino. Built and endowed with precious items by the care and efforts of Lady Maria Cantacuzino, the church hosts the oldest assembly of mural painting of Bucharest, made by the painters Constantinos and Ioan. Covered by repainting from the 19th century, brought back to light in the inter-war period, the valuable assembly of mural paintings was subject to extended damage that caused losses or made it hard to make out. Bringing back to light the 19th century paintings entailed a large scale project and difficult and extended campaigns of conservation and restoration. All this work, which had to be carried out with infinite patience and professionalism, could not have been possible without the constant support granted by Veolia to the team of restoration experts of Pro Patrimonio. By ensuring the continuity of the works of restoration of the mural paintings at Doamnei church, Veolia once again proved its openness to first-order cultural projects, its involvement in priority actions dedicated to saving and promoting the Romanian heritage. Nowadays after successive restoration campaigns supported by Veolia, a large part of the mural paintings of Doamnei church are once again visible in all their brilliance and authenticity. A rich succession of representations of the miracles and parables of Jesus, together with the impressive depiction of the life and martyrdom of Saint George can be contemplated in the pronaos, while the naos offers a dynamic illustration of the life and sufferings of Jesus in a palette dominated by the intensity of vermilion red”. Dan Mohanu, Professor, PhD, in charge of the Conservation – Restoration study program at the National University of Arts in Bucharest


9. “ROWMANIA, our long-time idea for a natural Romania, for the Danube Delta, this region of the Romanian ecotourism, would not have stood a chance without the intuition and real support of people who dared see the bigger picture beyond any immediate benefits. Each person who has been by my side over the past five years has participated with professionalism and enthusiasm in the idea of turning Romania into an ecotourism destination, and in particular a landmark for rowing fans. But the ingredient that has set things in motion has been the trust of our partners, true friends of the Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23 Association. Out of those who have joined me over the past four years in this team adventure, Veolia is indeed the oldest and most unfailing friend and strategic partner of the Association. We were brought together in the beginning by the concern for the quality of the environment in which we live, and the wish to innovate in a responsible manner. However, mostly importantly, we were brought together in this partnership by our common concern for water, this wonderful life resource. Thank you, Veolia, for these four years of excellent collaboration!”  Ivan PATZAICHIN, athlete and social entrepreneur
10. “The centralized district heating system is the strategic choice of the Iași municipality. The delegation contract signed in 2012 with Veolia Energy for a 20-year term proves the City Hall’s commitment to developing centralized district heating as an optimal and sustainable solution for supplying heat to the city, as supported by the European project worth EUR 54 million currently developed by the municipality for production equipment and networks”. Gheorghe NICHITA, the Mayor of Iași


11. “Looking back… we are happy to see that we have come a long way - over 15 years’ collaboration – and have had many outcomes and achievements. Together we have implemented the International Environmental Education and Environmental Protection Program dedicated to 3rd grade students and teachers under the auspices of Veolia Environment. This Program is a good example of collaboration on several levels which ought to be continued. 
If we think of... the International Meetings in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, we see that they have already reached the 7th Edition. The number of national and international participants and delegations has increased at a constant pace from 9 to over 20 countries as this year’s participation seems to be. 
If we think of… the library, we see that we can find there featured strongly the five highly praised books prepared together with Veolia, which have reached over 50 countries, including the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, and other international meetings, the latest one taking place in 2014 in the far-away land of Japan, a meeting which marked the end of the Worldwide Decade for Sustainable Development.
If we look… at the photos taken by professionals or amateurs, we see the familiar, joyful, warm faces of the "Family" because here we are one family, Veolia and the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO, united in our achievements, all the them memorable.
Had Veolia, and all the open, enthusiastic and professional people working there not existed… they should have been invented. 
If time did not stop us... we would continue..., but there is and always will be time for saying ‘Thank you, Veolia!’" Lucreţia Băluţă, National Coordinator of ASP-net, the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO


12. “Veolia for Our Children’s Forest or... 3 years of successful collaboration
In November – December 2011, when our collaboration began, we, the people at ViitorPlus, knew that the Veolia team was involved in, and dedicated to, environmental projects. We started with “Recycle for the Trees”, a project in which the paper (and cardboard) waste collected for recycling purposes became a source of funding of the afforestation of damaged public land for which no State funds were available.
This collaboration continued in 2012 with the participation of Veolia in the voluntary planting campaigns, while in 2013 the employees who opted for a 7Card sports subscription also chose to donate RON 5/subscription for the afforestation actions in the Children’s Forest.
What does Veolia’s involvement mean?
Here is Veolia’s impact over the last three years through the Recycle for Trees:
  • Over 34 tons of recycled paper plus other 2.8 tons of cardboard;
  • Over 141 megawatts of saved energy;
  • 1 hectare of forest saved from cutting;
  • About 1 ton of pollutants no longer released into the atmosphere;
  • Over 77 square meters no longer covered with waste;
  • About 1,000 cubic meters of water saved;
  • 3,500 square meters of afforested land.

The Children’s Forest thanks Veolia for its involvement!” The ViitorPlus Team

13. «Developed under the auspices of the common desire to promote awareness of biodiversity, environmental protection and environmental education, the partnership with Veolia has resulted in a wide range of activities dedicated to scientific research, book publishing, supporting scientific events and environmental education of children, cooperation within the "Club of Biodiversity". We have accomplished many good things together, with profound meanings to the relationship between the academic and the private economic environment and society as a beneficiary.
A significant aspect is the scientific research conducted on the biodiversity at Arcuda Treatment Plant (area used by Veolia for the treatment of drinking water of Bucharest) in order to get to know, protect and preserve natural assets.
Veolia is a partner that promotes dissemination of knowledge of plants, as fundamental element of the entire biodiversity. Hence three bilingual (Romanian and English) books were published, on plants in Bucharest Botanical Garden, plants and protected habitats in Bucegi Mountains and in the Arcuda Treatment Plant perimeter.

Equipping the Environmental Education Center in Bucharest Botanical Garden and the joint organization of the international scientific event for celebrating its 150 years of existence are furthermore two reference points in the partnership with Veolia. The joint actions within the "Club of Biodiversity", which promotes natural and cultural assets, communication and awareness of the complementary relationship between human and nature, nationally and internationally, can also be added to the list.
This partnership between the Association of Botanical Gardens in Romania and Veolia, dedicated to NATURE and HUMAN, is a significant example of cooperation that I wish to particularly appreciate.» Prof. Anca SÂRBU, Ph. D., University of Bucharest – President of the Association of Botanical Gardens in Romania